Once upon a time, this web site had lots of travel and historic information.
Shenandoah.org site was killed by Google. Coded in 1993 it contained only historical figures, etc.
Since it was never updated, and never ran Google ads, Google removed and blocked it from all search engines.
Now this page just sits here as a placeholder. You may make an offer for purchase of the Shenandoah.org domain.



After the great spirit had made the world, the morning stars came together on the shores of a quiet silver lake bordered with blue mountains, the most beautiful place they could see.

Hovering above the quiet waters and lighting the mountain tops with their robes of fire, the stars sang their songs of joy and pledged to gather here every thousand years.

One time when the stars were singing, there came a mighty crashing! A great rock in the mountain wall tore asunder, and through the deep opening the lake waters began to pour out and rush to the sea.

As time passed the stars looked over the earth for another place to meet. They finally agreed upon a lovely valley through a winding river ran.

Suddenly the stars saw this and realized that the valley had been the bed of their beautiful lake and the blue mountain around it were the same ones upon which they had cast their robes of light in ages past.

The stars were so joyous they placed the brightest jewels from their crowns in the river where they still lie and sparkle. And ever since that day the river and its valley have been called...





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